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March 29, 2016

Hotels for sale in Spain or investment in the future

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Commercial property in Spain is undoubtedly a sensible and profitable acquisition, if everything is done correctly. Since Spain is a country, where you can do business comfortably, and besides, competently use the access to European markets. In addition, it is an area of ​​very active tourist life. To spend their holidays in Spain, here come many people from around the world, seasonality here is quite blurred, and the temperate climate and the opportunity to relax on the beaches of Spain make it a country visited almost all year.

Buy a hotel in Spain

For this reason, here hotel business, restaurants and catering are one of the most developed sectors. For example, selling hotels in Spain is currently very popular. Moreover, right now it is possible to take advantage of a slowdown in global economic growth and to buy a hotel in Spain with very favorable conditions. For example, if an investor decides to buy a mini-hotel in Spain, then the risks are minimal as a small hotel is easier to fill by tourists, room rates here are generally acceptable, and it has everything you need to relax. As a rule, it is a 4-5 floor building in the style of a classic Spanish villa located in a separate land plot near the coast and with a basic infrastructure.

Hotels of different categories on sale in Barcelona

Other variants of commercial real estate in Spain

According to the investment strategy, plans and expectations, you can choose other options of commercial property in Barcelona, ​​on the Costa Brava, Costa Dorada, Maresme and other parts of the country. In this case, it can be considered both buildings of the hotel industry, as well as other proposals. In particular, you should consider more widely the sale of buildings in Barcelona. This is supposed to be represented not only by hotels or restaurants, but also local, shops, apartment buildings, office buildings and other commercial real estate in Spain.

Business immigration to Spain

If you consider the issue of immigration business to Spain in more detail, then here there is, of course, many nuances to take in account. The Spanish legislation in this regard is quite strict, but also very cautious. The Spanish authorities did not hinder the growth of its economy, and skillfully use the fruits of active investment activity of entrepreneurs from other countries. The residence permit for investors in Spain and property owners or other assets in the country is issued for two years. Moreover, the value of investments in monetary terms must be at least of 500.000 euros. It is considered to be own funds, not rendered.

Hotels in the most beautiful buildings of Barcelona

To obtain a residence permit is necessary to apply for a visa of investor in Spain. To support entrepreneurship, Spanish authorities made a number of changes in the legislation and introduced a gold visa gold for investor. It is issued to citizens of countries that do not belong to the European Union.

The great advantage of gold visa of investor in Spain is that it gives you the opportunity to stay in the country for a year without restrictions. So that it is possible to visit the country for short visits, to do business, without staying here for a long time. This is very convenient for businesspersons. The residence of the investor in Spain frequently requested without the right to work. In this case, it is necessary to provide a certificate of earnings to justify your own solvency and ability to ensure your stay in the country.

Profitable properties and the best Spanish lawyers

Thanks to the services of the company “Lusa Realty” you can choose the most profitable option of commercial real estate in Spain, and you will receive necessary advice on the visa application. The company's portfolio contains the most profitable objects that can provide a quick payback. In addition, collaboration with the best lawyers in Spain allows you to consider all the subtleties of the real estate transaction to organize it properly and lawfully.

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