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January 5, 2016

Home, sweet home on the Costa Brava

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About the Costa Brava, we can talk endlessly. It is a place in Spain (more specifically, in Catalonia) that always inspires, pleases with its climate and incredible scenery and provides a more pleasant experience. The favorable geographical location of the Costa Brava requires a special attention. The proximity to the border with France and the ability to reach the magnificent city of Barcelona in just an hour (or even less), is its another distinct advantage.

The mild climate, the variety of the landscape, the wonderful local cuisine – all this must be fully enjoyed. Moreover, the fact that this place was especially loved by the great surrealist Salvador Dali, speaks for its uniqueness.

If we talk about real estate in the Costa Brava, it is worth noting that among the most demanding objects by buyers are houses and villas. This type of luxury property in the Costa Brava is the most promising and popular among the private investors. In addition, the liquidity of it with the right approach for the acquisition is high and stable.

Therefore, in general, to buy a villa or a house on the Costa Brava means becoming part of the European standard of living, enjoying the pleasant and peaceful atmosphere, where human values ​​are respected and understood.

How is a house on the Costa Brava?

To give an example, we will talk about a house on the Costa Brava. In most cases, this will be a solid building of an area of ​​100 square meters, located within walking distance of the beach, but far enough from the epicenter of noise and fun. Of two or three floors, with the kitchen with access to the terrace, a dining room, several bedrooms with private baths, as a rule, this is the typical distribution of a villa or a house on the Costa Brava.

The surrounding area is always clean, tidy and spacious, inviting you to take a leisurely walk. The equipment of the space next to the house is also maintained at a high level: an indoor or outdoor swimming pool, garage, garden and other components of a luxury way of life.

As for the interior decoration of a house or villa on the Costa Brava, then here there is an option that already includes furniture and appliances ("turnkey"). Of course, it is possible to design and decorate the villa according to the individual project. In addition, often the villas on the Costa Brava are equipped with the so-called "smart home system", which includes many innovative products, heating system and centralized alarm to control the supply of light. However, the installation of this system depends on the technical characteristics of the real estate and on the preferences of a potential buyer.

It is time to buy a house in the Costa Brava

The company “Lusa Realty” will select a property on the Costa Brava, which will be worthy of your attention, and besides will be the realization of your dreams. All the properties that are in the database of the company, are proven and reliable, also they have high liquidity. Legal issues of visas, immigration and legal environment do not escape the attention of our professional team. All transactions with the Spanish real estate sector are made legally and correctly, so that the buyer gets the most profit of the collaboration.

Buying a house or a villa on the Costa Brava is precisely worth doing with the company “Lusa Realty”!

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