Property in Andorra

30 December 2013

You decide to buy a property in a ski resort, but have not decided on what exactly? Do you want a fairy tale and practicality at the same time? Then pay attention to the property in Andorra - Principality, which is conveniently located in the eastern region of the famous Pyrenees.

Very small, but not less civilized then the large European countries, the state consists of several mountain areas. These areas are completely crossed by narrow valleys and rivers. The picturesque nature of Andorra is famous throughout Europe, in general, the country is considered one of the world's finest ski resorts.

Our company offers its clients a wide range of real estate in the Principality of Andorra - for every taste and budget. Therefore, you can always choose the housing option that will fully satisfy your needs and requirements. You can always buy property for their own use and not for the commercial activities, and even periodically receive a good extra income by renting it to tourists.

Please note, that most of the real estate market in Andorra are new buildings, including apartments, houses, chalets and villas. You can choose your accommodation in any area of the country: from the capital and its main commercial center - the city of Andorra la Vella to areas located close to the ski resorts- La Massana or Ordino.

The decision of purchasing property in a ski resort in Andorra - is getting obvious benefits. It is absolutely not necessary that it will be a finance income (although it can be pretty decent). This is an opportunity to buy your own home, which will be waiting for you at any time of year. With the acquisition of property in Andorra, you no longer have to be nervous in search of a suitable villa for the next holiday. The bought house will be at your disposal for as long as you choose, unlike a rent property - time of possession of which calculates its own owner.

We recommend you to hurry up with the decision of purchasing property here, in a small, but elegant Principality of Andorra. Time does not stand still, even now, when enough space is available for development, to buy a house here would be very possible. But after a few years the situation will change and the prices will rise significantly. So do not delay the decision - purchase the property in Andorra now, when the prices for it are still at quite affordable level. For more information about Andorra, its areas, home prices, conditions of purchase, etc. you can always contact our consultants!


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