Villas in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada

11 December 2013

Buying a villa on the Costa Brava , you get accommodation with stunning views of the sea and the Pyrenees mountains , while renting a villa on the Costa Dorada , the opportunity to not only relax on the golden sand beach , but also to visit a huge number of local attractions .

Why Real Estate in Spain has become so popular among the residents of other countries? The answer is simple, Spain has clear and simple legislation rules which allow without any problems buy or rent not only housing, but also any other property.

Many Russians are buying here apartments, houses and even large villas to live here, obtain citizenship or permanent resident status, precisely because they are attracted by the European way of life. But many do not want to buy their own homes. They are quite enough satisfied with renting an apartment or villa to enjoy a wonderful holiday at the Spanish beaches and mountains.

There are also more far-sighted citizens who buy a villa in a particularly popular tourist area of the country to rent it in the high touristic season. Thus, the money invested in buying Spanish property brings their owners not only profit, but also an opportunity to relax during the low touristic season.

The most popular coasts in Spain, where most buying and renters prefer to have their property, are Costa Brava and Costa Dorada. Each of these areas has its own dignity, and for which they are so loved by tourists and residents.

Features of the villas on the Costa Brava

Here, in one of the most attractive areas of Spain, are situated villas, townhouses, apartments and normal farmhouses. Any kind of property here can be purchased or rented. Tourists are attracted by the majestic coastline with many beaches, mild climate and the unique location of the Costa Brava. Getting here is not difficult, as all types of transport connections (from auto - to air) are developed here perfectly.

Costa Brava has a great housing and good infrastructure, while the prices of the villas here will depend on their location on the coast and the season. You can choose any variant - from huge mansions to modest cottages.

Costa Dorada property and region

Buying or renting a villa on the Costa Dorada - a great option for those who want to spend their holidays on one of the most popular resorts in Europe. Gorgeous golden sand beaches, plenty of sunshine, beautiful rocky coves, clear water and rich underwater world - tourist paradise here. Especially good here will feel the fans of active rest. Real estate prices in Costa Dorada will depend on which area it is located, on the condition of the villa (repaired or not), from what kind of view opens from its windows. But in any case the purchase of villa on this coast will be the right decision, no matter whether you want to make it your home or for the commercial use.


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