Houses in Barcelona

11 December 2013

Barcelona – is the dream of many travelers! This metropolis attracts them by a huge amount of attractions, a variety of cultural life and excellent leisure facilities.

The city is divided into 10 districts, each of which in turn is divided further into several smaller areas. The most expensive of them - a zone of Pedralbes, located in the district of Sarria. It is here that live sports stars and show business, politicians and successful businessmen. The cost of home in Barcelona in this area starts from 12 000 euros per square meter. Nearby is another area - Poble Nou property which attracts the attention of not only the local population, but also foreign investors, especially those whose work is related to the business center of Barcelona.

Historic centers also do not remain without attention of local and foreign buyers. Houses in Barcelona's Eixample district and Gothic quarter mostly have the status of historical and architectural attractions, such as the home of Gaudi, which is the highlight of the Old Town and is known throughout the world.

But those who want to become the owner of the house in Barcelona in a quiet area, it is better to pay attention to the picturesque Nou Barris district with beautiful manicured gardens. In addition, they may still like new buildings in the suburbs sprawled along the coast.

The cost of housing is determined largely by his membership to a particular area of Barcelona. Also necessary to take into account the type of real estate, proximity to the sea, the presence of picturesque views from the windows, as well as footage. For example, a villa on the first line cost about 1.5 times more expensive than more distant objects. Also evaluated about apartments and houses, whose windows overlook the azure sea coast. However, experience shows that, despite the higher price, home on the coast with sea views is much more popular because it can bring their owners more profits.

Houses in Barcelona and their types.

Today in Barcelona to buyers and tenants is offered several types of houses and the first of them is a standard house. Its area is typically 90-170 m2. It is a detached house with a small plot of land on which is placed a pool or barbecue area.

The villa is a house located usually in a suburban part of Barcelona. A plot of land here is more extensive, and the area of home is from 100m2.

There are houses in Barcelona called townhouses. This is a small 2 - or 3 - storey complex on several hosts, where there are one or two common walls with neighbors. But each owner has a separate entrance and a small plot of land.

There are townhouses and garage. It can be as specific for each owner and general underground parking for all neighbors. The area of this house is 90-150 m2, usually it also has a swimming pool, a playground or a rest area.

Another type of home in Barcelona is the bungalow. It is a bit like townhouse, because it is home to several common neighbors. At the same time, each family has a separate entrance. The area of bungalow is somewhat smaller - between 60- 140 m2.

If you decide to buy a property in Barcelona, but have not yet decided on the area or type of property, you can always rent a residential real estate at a time until the issue with the purchase is solved. We have a large selection of different offers rental and sale of real estate in Spain, and we will be glad to see you among our clients!

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