Lawyer in Barcelona (Spain)

23 July 2015

Barcelona is a real pearl among the European cities that is definitely worth for everyone to visit. This beautiful city attracts tourists with its unique attractions, business people – by the prospect of business development, and wealthy people – by the opportunity to purchase a house in the heart of Europe.

Unscrupulous people and swindlers exist in any city, and Barcelona - is not an exception. In unpleasant situations where there is a legal aspect you may need assistance of an lawler. Lawyer in Barcelona (Spain), provides legal assistance and moreover a Russian-speaking one, especially in need by all who need legal protection.

A lawyer - is not just an attorney and an expert, able to provide quality assistance to all citizens, stateless persons or organizations to protect their interests, rights and freedom in the court. Lawyer in Barcelona who uses the Russian language in the work, is more credible, since he is able to express all the thoughts and suggestions in more understandable and accessible manner.

Directions, in which a lawyer offers assistance:

  • Immigration Law.
  • Business Law.
  • Banking, including assistance in obtaining mortgages.
  • Procedural law.
  • Advice on investments in projects or property.

Being in another country it is not easy to find a company that provides legal services using the Russian language. Legal aspects require highly skilled and often timely assistance as to individuals and organizations as well.

Immigration lawyer or an attorney on citizenship

Legal assistance on all migration issues is one of the most popular services. During registration, you receive a lot of questions and in order to clarify them it is better to consult specialists. This is due to the fact that any procedure requires multiple documents and visits to a variety of instances.

Our immigration lawyers provide the following services:

  • residence permit registration
  • registration of documents, translations, submission of an application
  • assessment of a personal situation
  • assessment of the possibility of obtaining different categories of residence permits

Lusa Realty, in the city of Barcelona (Spain), provides not only offers services on registration of transactions in the real estate, but also an assistance of the Russian-speaking lawyer who is competent to help to deal with the situation of any complexity.

The range of services includes:
1. Preparation and registration of documents, as well as subsequent support for obtaining a residence permit in Spain.
2. Full documentation and legal support of real estate purchase.
3. Legal assistance in the establishment of organizations and companies of any type under Spanish law.
4. Assistance while purchasing a business in Barcelona.
5. Full legal support of mortgage, assistance in reducing the rates, cover of loan interest and other nuances.
6. Assistance in drafting of claims, representation and protection of the courts of Barcelona.

This is not the full range of services, each situation is solved on the basis of its features and complexity.

Lusa Realty is invariably guided by the principles of transparency and accountability, using an individual approach to each client. A team of highly qualified lawyers will help in resolving any issues in the legal field and do their best to satisfy the most complex and ambitious requirements of the clients.