Personal real estate shopper

14 July 2015

In today's world every day more people prefer to use the professional services that provide personal assistance or advices in very different fields of life, in the first place during the selection or purchasing goods. Personal shopping assistant is known to us as a PERSONAL SHOPPER, and we are pleased to offer you a personal shopper service for real estate.

Much often for the professional assistance of a personal shopper, are asking people who value their time, money and inner peace. Your personal real estate shopper will comfort your whole stay in Spain, beginning at meeting you at the airport with further accommodation at the hotel and till saving 75% of the time you spend on unnecessary visits of the properties.

Your personal real estate consultant will listen carefully to you, will offer the most favorable and convenient coast, city, urbanization to buy in,  that will fully meet your expectations, needs and personal wishes. Communication with our customer is based on the mutual dialogue and constant discussion: together we choose the properties; we discuss their advantages and disadvantages; we schedule visits. You save your time, efforts and at the end, money.

The advantages of using the services of a personal shopper of real estate:

  • Safe of  time (you are visiting only those properties that match your needs and taste)
  • Cost savings (you work with your personal real estate shopper agent)
  • Comfortable working conditions (most unsuitable properties are eliminated from your visit-list)
  • Your personal real estate shopper stays always by your side and represents your interests

More information by phone: + (34) 649 800 855 / E-mail:

Our common work will not take much time and would not require an extended stay in Spain. All the preparations for your visit can be made before your arrival. So when you are here you visit pre-selected properties that suit your requirements. If necessary, you requests for selection of real estate may be slightly adjusted, and new options  will be offered to you.

When you find the house of your dream, your personal shopper on behalf of you and your interests, make an offer for the price and after agreement between both parts the legalization of purchase begins.

Working with the personal real estate shopper includes:

  • Personal acquaintance and the presentation of the priorities and wishes for the future purchase
  • Joint selection and discussion of possible options
  • Visiting selected properties
  • Fast and comfortable closing of deal

Your shopper assistant will accompany you throughout the purchase process and provide the necessary professional advice when you will be choosing the house to live in Spain! Personal shopper services are paid by the client, so a real estate professional analyzes your own needs, takes into account consideration the budget you wish to spend, helps to make a choice that meets your needs while saving time and money.

Contracting with us the service of personal real estate shopper, you get back a real estate professional, consultant and psychologist in the same person. Tact and patience, sociability and unobtrusive are our daily work to the way of your comfortable purchase making!