Legal Services in Spain

06 January 2013

The company Lusa Realty S.L. is pleased to offer our customers a full range of services of qualified lawyers in Barcelona and Spain. Our attorneys provide legal assistance to people who need the competent legal advice in issues related to personal and property relationships.

Purchase, sale, management and signing of contracts, business, marriage, divorce, birth, inheritance, etc., our daily lives are filled with situations that require knowledge in the field of jurisprudence, and dealing with them, we need legal assistance.

We offer legal assistance and private lawyers in Spain who provide a full range of legal services from tax advice to juridical defense in court, and guarantee the protection of all private interests of the client.


  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit: from application to obtain the citizenship. Immigration lawyer. Gold Visa.
  • Legal advice and assistance during operations with residential and commercial real estate.
  • Legal assistance and defense in legal judgments against individuals and legal persons.
  • Protection of civil rights and liberties: divorces, responsibility for the debt, inheritance, etc.
  • Assistance in commercial law: business registration, patents, trademarks, business agreements.
  • Advice on taxation for businesses and individuals.
  • Legal assistance in labor law with respect to security, wages, unemployment benefits, disability, widowhood.
  • Immigration lawyer.

Each of these services involves assistance till the closure of the case, including the preparation of relevant documentation and, if necessary, a professional Russian-Spanish translation.


Residence permit and related legal services:

  •  Preparation of documents, translation.
  •  Evaluation of personal situation.
  •  Evaluation of the possibility of obtaining different categories of residence permits.

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Purchase and sale (real estate, business, car, etc.). We offer professional legal assistance for any sale transaction, respecting the interests of both parties. Our lawyers evaluate and minimize business risks, monitor fulfillment of the agreements, verify the authenticity of documents, offer expert advice and care of the legal accuracy of the procedure.

Agreements and contracts. Any contractual relationship needs legal protection. The most accurate and correctly form from a legal point of view is a written contract which minimizes the appearance of potential risks and, therefore, it is better to entrust the preparation and signing of contracts to the professionals. Our experienced and qualified lawyers develop individual contract scheme that will suit your needs, so you can achieve your objectives.

Protection of Civil Rights and Freedoms (divorces, debt liability, wills, etc.) These procedures are the most common and at the same time legally complex. Our experienced lawyers, based on many years of practical and fundamental theoretical knowledge, carefully analyze each situation and assess the prospects for achieving the desired result. Our experts will always act in the interests of the customer and achieve the maximum benefit for him.

Private attorneys of our company offer professional legal assistance and consultancy for individuals in conflict situations, legal and organizational problems, as well as in issues relating to private sphere.


Constitution and registration of a company. When a new company is created, is very important to realize the statutes and registration of the company properly and in accordance with the law, which in turn required a certain amount of time and effort. Register a company is easy, it is difficult to do it well and to take into account all the details to avoid problems in the future. We provide legal services for the preparation of the constituent documents in accordance with the law, and our lawyer will help you register your company correctly.

Registration of trademarks and patents is a necessary component of any business, because by using a not registered trademark you can lose it, and the creation and promotion of a new brand requires a large investment. Our lawyers will help you get legal protection and legal guarantees to protect your object of intellectual property, which become yours after the state registration of the trademark.

Optimization of business. Today, the most important competitive advantages of the company are not only its assets, but also the ability to respond quickly to changes in the legislation, adapting its development strategy and the organizational structure of management, taking into account the changes in the external situation. We believe that with us you will be able to grow and develop in the right direction.

Legal support of business transactions is very important for the protection of the interests of the company nowadays. Our qualified and experienced lawyers will accompany all kinds of operations, ensuring the security of compliance and eliminate any negative consequences.

Mergers and acquisitions have become business realities of today. This trend is not surprising, since it is a way to develop, improve, heal the company, to increase competitiveness. The main objective of this type of business combinations is to reduce costs, increase total revenues, and therefore, the assets of the company. Meanwhile, we offer a full range of support and legal services to mergers and acquisitions.

Consultation of the lawyer of our company includes a wide range of legal services. We are your personal lawyer in Spain, and we are always happy to advise you on a particular area of ​​law, as well as help you avoid many of the problems associated with the economic activity of your company.

Search for quality and continuous improvement of the services provided is the guarantee of our success. Responsibility, ethics, professionalism and effectiveness of consultations offered by our lawyers allow us always to find an individual approach to respond the most demanding needs of our customers.