Prices of Services

27 March 2014

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* Prices do not include 21% VAT

Real estate services

Opening an account in a Spanish bank 150 €
Request of bank account activity (translated to Russian) 40 €
Request of bank evaluation of property for obtaining the mortgage 200 €
Submission of documents and obtaining of NIE 200 €
Accompaniment during the visits to the properties and interpretation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    40 € / h
Request of extract from the property register (Nota Simple) 50 €
Accompaniment to City Hall for processing of the registration 100 €
Rental services of purchased property 500 €

Registration of contracts for public services as water, gas, electricity

150 €

Pack of services:

  • selection and accompaniment to visit the properties
  • opening a bank account in Spain
  • NIE
  • request for a mortgage
  • legal accompaniment of the transaction



3 % of the sale price

Selection of real estate and legal support of the transaction:

  • to buy
  • to rent short / long term


400-800 €


Translation Services

Interpretation and accompaniment to the doctor, the notary, the bank (minimum 2 hours) 40 € / h.
Translation of technical, medical, legal and other documents 60 € / pag.
Translation of documents, certificates, certificates, licenses 35 € / pag.
Notarized translation of documents, certificates, licenses 60 € / pag.

Education in Spain

Selection of schools, university courses and reservation of place 400 €
Assistance in obtaining of student residence (tarjeta de residencia)                   250 €
Assistance in extending student residence without traveling to Russia 250 €
Obtaining of work permit for students  250 €
Assistance in obtaining a working residence with the possession of the valid student residence  on request

Medicine in Spain

Interpretation and accompaniment to the doctor (min 2 hours)  40 € / h.
Selection of an insurance company in Spain and registration of insurance covering  150 €
Assistance in choosing a clinic and doctor to organize a check 400 €

Legal services

Written remote consultation of a Spanish lawyer with translation 60 €
Spanish lawyer consultation with simultaneous translation  120 € / h.
Obtaining of a residence permit without authorization to work  2.500 €
Start-up a company in Spain 1.500 €

Other Services

Barcelona Airport Transfer 40 €
Barcelona airport Transfer with the car of business class 90 €
Selection and reservation of hotel 60 €
Booking of tickets for all kinds of transport and entrance tickets  40 €
Concierge service (depending on the real estate and package of services) on request
Rent a car in Spain 80 €
Selection and purchase of a car in Spain 350 €
Decorator services to create 3D-design and estimation of cost of furnishing your property 150 €
Services in the purchase, transportation of furniture and installation/connection of electric appliances, including the remote work with the customer 20 % of price